Gluten Free Menu

GLUTEN-FREE OPTIONS – There’s no need to starve if you can’t eat gluten; we have heaps of options for you. Please note that many of the items on this list are not gluten-free by default, and you will need to let our friendly staff know that you’d like the gluten-free option.

THE LOTT BREAKFAST 22.9 (Gluten-Free On Request)

Poached Free Range Eggs, Bacon, Hashbrown, Roasted Tomato, Mushrooms, Spinach, on Honorbread Sourdough

A BIT IRISH 21 (Gluten-Free by Default)

Colcannon Potatoes (Smashed Potato Grilled with Ham, Kale & Butter) Poached Free-Range Eggs, Black Pudding, White Pudding Served w/ House-made Plum Sauce

LOW CARB 19.9 (Gluten-Free by Default)

Medley of Roasted Vegetables, Silverbeet, Smashed Avo, Crispy Bacon, Poached Free-Range Eggs Served w/ Hollandaise & Chimichurri (under 15g net carbs)

EGGS BENNY 19.9 (Gluten-Free On Request)

Your Choice of Salmon, Ham, or Bacon, Poached Free-Range Eggs, Greens, Hollandaise On Toast

LOTT BEANS 19.9 (Gluten-Free by Default)

Lott House Beans, Bacon, Chorizo, Pulled Chicken Breast, Goats Cheese, Fresh Coriander w/ Free-Range Poached Eggs

MEDITERRANEAN LAMB 27 (Gluten-Free by Default)

Braised Lamb Shoulder, Farro, Pickled Dates w/ Labna & Pistachio Dukkah

AVO ROSTI STACK 19.9 (Gluten-Free by Default)

Smashed Avo, Potato Rosti, Feta Cheese, Roasted Beetroot, Snowpea Shoots, Chimichurri Dressing 

SPICED CAULIFLOWER 22 (Gluten-Free by Default)

Roasted Shawarma Spiced Cauliflower, Buckwheat & Kale w/ Beetroot Puree, Baked Ricotta & Toasted Almonds

MEJADRA 22 (Gluten-Free by Default)

Baked Lentils, Jasmine Rice, Cranberries & Mixed Spices w/ Shanklish, Crispy Shallots & A Free-Range Poached Egg

BREKKY BUN 15.5 (Gluten-Free On Request)

Fried Egg, Double Bacon, Red Onion Relish, Swiss Cheese, Rocket, Aioli, On A Honorbread Ciabatta Bun. GF On Request – We change the Sourdough for Three Mills Bakery Gluten-free Bread

EGGS ON TOAST 10.5 (Gluten-Free On Request)

Poached Free Range Eggs On Honorbread Sourdough With Sides Of Your Choice; 

Bacon 4.5 | Hashbrown 4.5 | Smashed Avo 4.5 | House Beans (Vegetarian) 4.5 | Roasted Tomato 3.5 | Mushrooms 3.5. 

SULTAN’S BOWL 19.9 (Gluten-Free On Request)

Chorizo & Cherry Tomatoes Pan-Fried in Butter Served w/ Garlic Lemon Yoghurt, Fresh Dill & Sourdough Soldiers

FRITTATA 14.5 (Gluten-Free by Default)

Classic Italian Style Frittata Served w/ Salad Of The Day

BACON & EGG ROLL 12.5 (Gluten-Free On Request)

Egg, Bacon, Aoli, & In-House Relish. 

GLUTEN FREE TOAST  4.5/SLICE (Ask For Gluten-Free)

3 Mills Gluten-Free Sourdough Toast With Your Choice Of Condiments

SOURDOUGH TOASTIE 10.5 (Gluten-Free On Request)

Toastie w/ Honorbread Seedy White Bread With Any Combination Of Ham, Swiss Cheese, & Tomato 

TOASTED SAMBO 14 (Gluten-Free On Request)

Chicken Breast, Chipotle Slaw, Sun-Dried Tomato, Rocket on Rye & Caraway Sourdough. ORANGE & 

ALMOND CAKE 7 (Gluten-Free by Default) 

FRIAND 4.5 (Gluten-Free By Default)